Saturday, November 04, 2006

Plantar Faciitis

I tend not to ask for prayer for this kind of thing, but this is really wearing me down. I have plantar faciitis in my right foot. It's some kind of running injury (which is a joke in itself--ME with a RUNNING injury??)that knots up the tendons from your heel to your toes and can hurt like crazy.

I've been seeing a chiropractor for 2-3 weeks now, and my foot and leg still hurt quite a bit. Now I have something going on in the left leg as well, with a big knot in a calf muscle and pain in my knee that hits every so often, making it painful to walk any way but like a peg-leg. I can get it loosened up again with some tricks, but I am sooooo tired of being in pain when I walk. The doctor said I have a pretty nasty case of it, and keeps reminding me "it is a process" to get the muscles and joints back into shape.

But it is SO discouraging to wake up and have to hobble to the bathroom as the way to start my day. I was almost in tears with the pain the other morning, all the way up to when I left for work. Please pray for encouragement, for endurance, for the sense of God as Healer walking beside me. Moving around the preschool classroom is painful. Taking care of my dog is painful. I want to go home (I'm at school) and do my laundry--but stairs are painful. Doing the stretching exercises to loosen the
muscles up is painful. This is wearing on my body, on my emotions, on my spirit. It doesn't leave me much left to deal with my family and any help they need.

Thanks for letting me whine and bellyache--please pray for an end to this, or at least a bit more courage and bravery and stamina to handle it.

Thank you, my dear family and friends...


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