Saturday, February 11, 2006

Insurance Approval!

My cochlear implant surgery is four and a half weeks away, and I just got my insurance approval! YAY! I'm surprised how deeply that touches me, even though I "knew it would come through."

As the count-down numbers get smaller, it's kind of like an out-of-body experience: " this really going to happen to me?" But it hits me in the gut every time I say how many days or weeks, a bit of panic. I've wanted this for so long, yet it's also rather unnerving. Another part of me is saying, "oh my, I'm really going through with this!!" I'm nervous about the surgery and managing the days of healing, managing the time with only one functioning ear; and hoping for a good outcome, but knowing they can't guarentee it. It's a lot.

BUT--so was having twins. What I learned, at home with two newborns, was if I thought too hard about how on earth I could manage, I froze up. It immobilized me, for fear I would do something wrong (like drop somebody!). But if I just thought, "Ok, now, what's the next step?" I did just fine. I imagine this process of adjusting and re-learning to hear is much the same. All the stories I've read so far seem to confirm this. The ci users on the Yahoo! group are a bunch of go-getters, and they are good company for me to keep. They do whine some, but that's how I know they are honest human beings. They also overcome the difficulties and share the celebration of their progress, victories and joys.


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