Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is good.

According to my scale at home, I have lost 14 pounds since December 28. This is good. I went to see my primary care physician yesterday, and he was delighted. This is also good. Then he took my blood pressure. I predicted it would be lower, based on taking it at home with a small home unit. He took it three times, one right after the other, saying nothing. I couldn't stand it, so I asked:
"So...what is it?"
"It's better."

"Is it good?"
"It's good."

"How good?"
"It's *very* good."

What a tease! He finally told me the numbers, and it really is a very good improvement. In fact, it's enough of an improvement that he asked "if I would like" to stop taking my bp meds!! "YES!" This is VERY good!! I hate the meds, they make me weary and drowsy, and they muddle my mental capacity. So I am unreservedly delighted to be OFF them so quickly after starting Weight Watchers!! I've been dancing around telling anyone who will listen. It's a huge answer to prayer, and a big thank you to any of you who read this that have prayed for my blood pressure to go down with my weight loss.

I am very aware that I am not the source of the self-control necessary to accomplish this amount of weight loss. A number of weeks ago, I felt the boldness to ask, in my Bible study group, that they would pray that I would experience more of the Fruit of the Spirit that is self-control. I have been striving to submit to God, He is graciously also giving me the ability to make good, sustainable choices about what I eat.

Thank you, God! I am so incredibly, very grateful. I'm certainly not following the whole plan perfectly, but I'm also certainly making a great deal of progress. This is good.

God is good.



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