Thursday, May 04, 2006

John's Fall Plans for College

My son John was accepted at two school with architecture programs he considered worthy to apply to: Washington University in St. Louis and University of Southern California in LA. He and Joe went to visit USC after acceptance; he and I went to re-visit Wash U. a few days later.

It was good for me to finally get to go on one of these college trips. I got to see John in a different light, and listen to him compare and contrast the two architecture programs. Even though I liked the thought of him being only 6 hours away (at Wash U), I could tell by his careful analysis that USC really was the better program for him. He has two years of design and architecture study under his belt already, and at USC he can hit the ground running. He is SO ready! I feel so incredibly proud of him. I also realize I will deeply miss him when he goes. LA is a loooong ways away.

So, he accepted the USC offer about 24 hours after we got back from Wash U. It includes a 50% scholarship on tuition if he lists them as his first choice school on his National Merit Finalist form. So he sent National Merit that information the next day. Now just to get through the last weeks of senior year! Ack--senioristis is hitting. He just wants to get MOVING on this new stage of his life. But I believe he will finish strong.

So, blessings on you, John, as you make this next major life transition from high school to college. I'm very proud of you, and I will miss you so very much when you go. But I can tell you are mature enough and really ready to go. Congratulations.

I love you.


Anonymous bbtryon said...

WOW John, I just read this. Congratulations!
Sounds like a great choice. And with all the ways to do it these days you can still stay in touch. I enjoy your postings on DA.
That's one way to stay in touch.

2:57 PM  

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