Monday, February 27, 2006

17 Days And Counting...!

My implant surgery is in about 2 weeks (3/16), and I'm flying as high as a kite on a blustery day! I had my pre-op appointment today. I'm getting the Advanced Bionics Auria HiRes. I chose the color of the BTE processor and the transmitter (silver, to match my grey hair) and some funky snap-on covers (4) in kind of a techno-tie-dye kind of look. I get four rechargeable batteries; I thought I only got two. I’m so totally spazed out and grinning like a goofball. I was talking a mile a minute before supper, telling my husband about this and that details in random order as I remembered things. He was teasing me… “So, you had an ‘okay’ kind of day today?”

My left ear, the one to be implanted, starts at about 70dB in the low frequencies and goes down from there to nothing in the high frequencies. From what I understand, with the CI, I should be a straight line across at 20 dB. It's nothing short of incredulous.

AND they told me my hook-up could be as little as 8 days later! The surgeon will be out of town the next week, so that’s when he has to take out the staples on the top half of the incision. The lower half gets dissolvable stitches. We went ahead and scheduled the next three mapping appointments. If my incision is not healed sufficiently by 8 days, I’ll get hooked up at the next appointment, about a week later.

I've got the heebie-jeebies, and I have to get to sleep so I can be functional at work tomorrow... (Wish me luck!)

binaural HA user since 1/29/92
implant scheduled for 3/16/06


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