Monday, May 29, 2006

Congratulations, John!!

I am so happy, I want to share it with you!! My son John graduated from high school on Saturday. I think I was kind of numbly happy--I didn't even cry. But I am so proud of him. I found out from the graduation program (!) that he graduated Suma Cum Laude. He's such a humble little buzzard I didn't even know that! He's also an AP Scholar and a National Merit Scholar. He got a scholarship offer from two different schools that accepted him.

So now he's concentrating on getting a job for the summer; he had a second interview at one place already. The pay is $10/hour. Shoot! That's more than I ever got before I had my professional certification! Pardon my parental glow.

And with the cochlear implant, I understood much more than I ever would have with hearing aids. Definitely. However, it was in a gymnasium with 500 graduates and at least 1500 hearing was not ideal for anyone. My parents are here visiting for the occasions, and they are AMAZED how much better I am hearing with the CI. So that's cool too.


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