Monday, July 14, 2008

Feels Not Quite Fair...

I have been doing very well, but I stood up funny from bed around midnight last night and got clobbered with vertigo again. ARgh! And 12 hours later I'm still feeling woozy. Oh well. I guess this is just part of the program, little surprises in the common course of recovery from surgery. But it still feels not quite fair. Sigh.

I've already heard from another CI friend to keep sleeping with my head up. I thought I was done with that; last night was the first night I went back to just one pillow. A bit premature, I guess. AND I learned a lesson about taking the rest I need! I got home from a quiet visit to a friend and let myself get sucked onto the computer instead of taking a nap. I ended up canceling the various things I had planned for today, which is the wiser choice, and have slept a lot again. Learning to listen to my body more carefully...



Blogger elizabeth said...

Best of luck with your new CI activation! I hope you'll consider adding your blog to the aggregator at Deaf Village ( -- we'd love to have you as part of our community!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for the comment and the invitation. I am a late-deafened adult and have never learned ASL. It intrigued me long before I lost my own hearing, and I think it is a beautiful language. But I find it intimidating because I have no fluency and get left out of conversations where sign is used. I already struggle with getting left out of conversations because of my hearing, so I've chosen not to go the route of learning ASL. I'd like to learn it, but it's just not applicable to my life right now. No one else I know uses it. So stepping into the middle of a Deaf culture conflict over communication strategies doesn't seem like a good use of my emotional energies. But I wish you well!

2:10 PM  

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