Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grocery Shopping: Now THAT Is Exciting!

I just went to the grocery store for the first time since surgery 2 weeks ago. Freeeeedom! I walked slowly and hung on to the cart so I didn't have to worry about balance. I filled my cart with things I've been missing. I got to the check out and remembered: I'm not supposed to lift! OOOPS. I could get things in (and out) of the cart one at a time...but to the car? And into my house? Tactical error...or at least challenge. I had the bagger get my bags in my car. That part was easy. Fortunately my son was home and could carry everything in for me. It's 90 degrees here, so I was a little worried about my perishables. I was so glad David was home!

And now I have to listen to my body and go take a NAP!

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