Thursday, March 02, 2006

Two weeks and counting

Two weeks until my surgery March 16! Now is when I have to cut out asprin and ibuprophen products, as well as many herbal suplements. I don't personlly take any, but the list was quite interesting, with things like no massive amounts of garlic. But I don't have to stop multivitamins, which do contain Vitamin c and E, even though they are listed as supplements to stop. So I'm figuring that having garlic in my stew for dinner is not going to hurt any.

I'm fighting a cold; as a preschool teacher, it's an occupational hazard. We have two kids out and several others with cloggy noses. Last night I was pretty wiped out. I have to get better (and not catch anything else?!?) by my surgery date! So I'm resting carefully.

John is my knight in shining armor this evening, making dinner for us. It's a big pot of chicken, soup broth, onion, celery, carrots, tomato, sugar snap peas, garlic and barley. I bought some "Organic Vegetable Broth" at the grocery store to be the base. It's pretty salty, as usual, but with all the other stuff, I think it will dilute to a reasonable amount of sodium per serving. I was touched by how graciously he did all that work chopping. (Thanks, John!)

Oh! And I've passed 15 pounds at Weight Watchers! I was amazed to lose any this week, because I did a bunch of stupid eating in the past few days. Yikes. But I also exercised a lot, and I had a better day today. I'm not off the wagon yet--but it was a close call that serves as a good call to renewed commitment. I really want to stay off any blood pressure meds.


Blogger Beth said...

I found a link to your blog on a friends blog and admire your positive attitude and faith. Hold on to both for your upcoming challenges. I sincerely hope that your surgery goes well.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

I'm glad I accidentally came across your blog today-my son is getting ready to have CI also (April 2006)...We are counting the days too!!!Please rest this week since you'll need your strength to get through the surgery I imagine. Will look forward to reading your comments later this month. Will try not to cry as I read them as I did when reading your origianl postings-I cried since I understand the experience somewhat. Your comment about having a full plate really hit home and I may quote you on how you finished the sentence. I never thought about it that way and I should've been. My son is under 2 yrs old so it's a bit different but not really; just a little. This encouraged me to take the time and figure out how to setup my own blog. Thanks so much! Kat

2:59 PM  

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