Friday, July 18, 2008

Exercises For Dizziness

One more thing from my appointment with the audiologist today. I told her I am still having a hard time with my balance and being dizzy when I move my head around. She showed me some exercises to do. It's better to make the brain practice making the compensations. But it's also important to be well anchored so I don't fall over while doing the exercises. She warned me that I would feel more dizzy for a while before I feel less. That's good to know.

I am to sit where I feel securely balanced and will feel safe when unbalanced, like in an armchair hanging on to the arms, with my feet firmly planted on the floor. Then I turn my head quick to the left, back to center; to the right, back to center. Woo--glad I'm securely planted in my chair! Then I look up, back to center; look down, back to center. More woozy reaction. But this is what I do to improve. Then I can advance to doing the side to side with just my eyes, to give my brain practice adjusting my gaze back and forth. Even that makes me dizzy, too! But that's the point of the exercises. Hopefully I will feel progress soon.

The even more advanced step is doing all of the above while standing--with my hands securely anchored on a counter or the couch or whatever. I'm not there yet. But it's good to know that practice will help rather than just make me feel crummy. I wasn't sure. I'm glad to know what to do to help myself feel better.

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Blogger Abbie said...

How is the exercises working out for you? I saw Evelyn also gave you some and I hope it is improving!

2:17 PM  

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