Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poison, or Not

One of the presenters at the HLAA convention was Michael Harvey, whose books were so very encouraging to me as my hearing loss progressed from manageable to severe. His workshop was excellent. A point he made really validates how I have been processing things over the past year and a half. When dealing with grief, loss, anger, fear, you have got to talk about it. "Silence is poison." If you don't talk about it, it will fester and grow; talking about it makes it lose its sting, and it begins to become less overwhelming, and you begin to heal.

So this is a gift we give to each other. There is great value in speaking the pain, and in hearing someone else's pain. Acknowledge it, validate it; then we can move on. And recognize as well that it will return, in decreasing waves. It's not a once for all kind of thing. So thank you to my friends, for your loving listening.


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