Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Pre-Surgical Prayer

Father God,
Thank You for this amazing opportunity. Thank You for the peace that floods my whole body this morning. Thank You for the wonderful support from so many friends, from my family, from people I've never even met in person, but are so caring and supportive over the Internet.

I am in awe of the incredible creation of the intricacies of the ear, of my ear, of the wonder of hearing and the joy it gives. No human creation can ever duplicate the glories of Your hand! I also am in awe of the wisdom and knowledge and discernment and creativity You have given to people over the years, to be able to come up with something so amazing as this cochlear implant I am about to receive. Thank You for the researchers and doctors who have dedicated so much time and energy to bring this invention to this stage, to be able to make me hear again. Thank You for all the patients who have gone before me, who have taken the risks to try an unknown invention, not just for their own benefit, but for the benefit of generations to come--and now it is my turn to benefit. I am so grateful, so very grateful. Thank You, God, for all of this!

I pray for Dr. Micco and his surgical team. Thank You for the talents You have given them, for their dedication to build their knowledge and skill, to be able to perform this surgery. I pray that you will guide Dr. Micco's hands, that You will bless them and protect them. I pray that you will protect me from any complications, that You will guard my body, guard my nerves and muscles and bones from any possible errors of judgment or skill. I pray that You will protect the equipment from any kind of technical malfunctions or breakdowns. And with this snow storm predicted for today, I pray that You will bring each person needed safely to the hospital today, safely through the traffic and whatever weather they and we may encounter.

Thank You that You are faithful. I praise You that You are not only righteous in everything You do, but that You are also full of kindness. I pray that You will bless this whole day, this whole procedure, and that in the coming weeks and months, I will be diligent to do my part of the working out of this miracle that seems to be of human hands, but truly comes from You.

You are the Almighty, the King of creation, and I praise You and I love You.
Thank You so much for this opportunity.


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