Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day Two After Surgery

We took the bandage off last night, and I didn't want to look at my incision. I just went to bed. This morning, I could not feel my ear--the whole thing is numb! I got all worried that something had gone wrong during surgery, but (blessings on them!) my new friends on the CI lists all reassured me that it's normal for the ear to be numb. So then I was ready to look at the incision. It's a lot smaller than some of the photos I've seen online! The bottom half is right in the crease behind my ear and is closed with dissolving stitches. The top half is straight up from the front of my ear about an inch and a half and is closed with staples. That looks SO weird! But it's a funny weird. Bride of Frankenstein. It's under my hair, so I can joke about it.

My energy level is still pretty low, and I'm not thinking too clearly yet. But I'm finally hungry! This is good. I had a bit of yogurt this morning, and it tasted good, and the texture was pleasing (especially after all the dry saltines!). But water tastes awful, which is a major bummer. It's common with this type of surgery to have the sense of taste disturbed for a while. So I'm curious to see what other tastes are thrown off.


Blogger mary said...

Bride of Frankenstein?! You are in excellent company if facial scars qualify you for that moniker. Think of all the yanked-back North Shorians! Only YOUR scar is for something other than lowly vanity. Bravo! Mary

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liz, Your voice sounded Oh so good to me when you called - even if you could not hear it - you sounded JOYFUL! Love, Mom

10:52 AM  

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