Friday, March 17, 2006

YAY! Day After Surgery!

Thank you so much for praying with me yesterday. Lots of praise now! I had a great day! I made it FUN and everyone cooperated: I told anyone that walked into my cubicle, "I'm a preschool teacher. I have to do show and tell when I get back to work. So I have to take your picture!" It put everyone in a fun frame of mind, and everyone was so nice. Dr. Micco let me pray for and bless his hands before surgery, and that was a joy, too.

Dr. Micco felt the surgery went very well; we left the hospital by 5pm. I obviously still feel woozy and all, but mostly I feel "great"!! I only took pain meds once last night, and may not have needed more than just Tylenol then. So far today I have only taken Tylenol once.

Now you can pray I behave and take it easy enough. :)

The one thing that I have noticed being weird so far is when I talk on the phone. I put my right hearing aid on telecoil, and I no longer can hear my own voice in my left ear. I can't hear any background noise in my left ear.

People told me to expect that tinnitus would be a lot worse after surgery, that it would be louder. It's like a phantom limb after amputation, where the brain notices there's no stimulation that had been there before, so it makes something up. My tinnitus usually sounds like a low-grade motor hum, with other bells and whistles on occasion. Yesterday, the extra whistles sounded like a sliding whistle: "whoooup!" That was weird, too!

More later when I'm more alert. Back to sleep now.


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