Thursday, September 07, 2006

New CI Moments

I've had a few little CI moments in the past few days you might find amusing:

Getting dressed in the morning in dead quiet except my husband's breathing (that in itself is a CI moment!), I realized I could HEAR my blush brush going across my face on my implanted side, but not on my HA side! Yowsa, talk about minute sounds! So I paid attention as I applied the rest of my face, and I could even hear the little eyeshadow pad going across my lid on that side! Amazing. Just amazing.

I was walking my dog, and just after we turned a corner, I heard a rhythmic thwick, thwick, thwick, thwick coming from behind me. The sound was familiar, but I couldn't place it. I turned and saw a bicyclist who had also just turned the corner and was pumping hard to pick up speed again--that was it! And he was 10 yards behind me when I first heard the sound, and beyond the 10 foot easement between the sidewalk and street, with bushes. Again--simply amazing.

Early this morning, I was coming down into the kitchen as I put on my processor. It hummed to life, and the first "loud" sound I heard was...the ticking of my kitchen clock. It just amused me that I considered that loud!

There's your grin for the day.