Sunday, May 31, 2009

Singing versus Speaking

Another thing Amanda and I figured out in the first session is that I have not really been using my singing voice much recently. It felt really different to match her pitch as she got higher and I had to really "sing" versus kind of speaking/singing. I was in choir enough years to know the difference and recognize how different it felt when I sang properly. So the next day I walked my dog down a bike path in the woods and sang and sang and sang to work up my singing muscles again! It was lovely.


Musical Auditory Therapy

I asked a friend, Amanda, one of the musicians at my church, if she'd be willing to do some musical auditory therapy with me to help me regain some of my sorely missed music. Neither of us quite knows what we are doing, so we are exploring it together. We recorded part of our first session. We started out with me trying to match a single pitch at a time. She sang a note, and I tried to copy it. She gave me hand signals to tell me to go up or down, and when I was matching it. One cool thing was I came to recognize a sense of resonance in my head when the pitches matched! This is going to be a fascinating process, to say the least. Then I sang Jesus Loves Me; then we sang it together so I could match her pitch as we went. I can't really quite tell when I'm on pitch yet. I'm closer sooner on the first few notes above middle C; after about G it gets pretty fuzzy.

Another friend told me today that Amanda said she saw (heard) amazing progress just in one hour. WooHoo!! I'm not sure how often we will meet, but I will keep you all posted, for sure...