Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Magical, Sacred, Holy CI Moment

This entry is actually from July 18, on my yahoo CI group--I keep forgetting to update this journal...sorry about that.

At my church, we celebrate the Eucharist each Wednesday noon. Sometimes the priest, who majored in french horn at Wheaton and is a phenomenal musician, will end the celebration with a familiar worship chorus. I usually sort of whisper/sing along. Today he sang, "Father, I Adore You..." I simply could not sing along with the melody, I ~had to sing harmony, which came out as the round. And I forgot to whisper. Ok, I was enjoying how it felt to sing and worship and I decided to sing how loud an ordinary shy person might. It was lovely. I was just lost in the music. Suddenly, as he approached the end of the third verse, I figured out that, to do this properly, I had to sing the last line after everyone else was done...all by myself. Pre-CI: no problem. Now.....? Eeeeeee. I often only mouth the words because I can't find the pitch. I decided it was my offering of worship, and many people who can HEAR can't sing on I just sang on, singing the last line alone. I heard Fr. Jay say very softly, "Thank you." I opened my eyes and he had a big grin on his face. He proclaimed the closing blessing and dismissed those who have to leave and invited the rest of us to stay for our time of prayer.

I HAD to ask him...."So....was I on pitch?" The big grin came back and he said, "You were *dead on*!!!" WooHooo!!!! He understands how much I love music and how much I miss singing and he finds it amusing I know all these old choruses he's pulling out of his college days. I reminded him we both went to mainstream Protestant colleges at the same time! He laughed.

BUT I WAS ON PITCH!!!! Oh, it was a glorious feeling. I haven't had somebody give me that feedback in SOOO long, especially since my CI. And it was such a holy, beautiful moment, singing that last line, "How we love You." So I'm not sure if Fr. Jay's "Thank you" was to me or
to God--or BOTH. OK, probably God. He is the one who has brought me so so many ways.

Yay, God!